Rosemary West

Historic Bushland Property to be Bulldozed for Frankston Bypass

Joyce and Simon Welsh, owners of the historic Westerfield property in the Green Wedge south of Frankston were notified last week that 2.656 ha of the pristine remnant bushland on their property will be acquired by the Victorian Government this Thursday 10/12 to make way for the Frankston Bypass. Westerfield is on Robinsons Road, Fig 7g on the attached Biosis map.
The Frankston Bypass route takes in a number of other environmentally significant sites ( see attached map.) The present State Government plans would destroy bandicoot habitat, heathland, grassy woodland and grazing land by running the Frankston Bypass and Peninsula Link through the Pines Flora and Fauna Reserve, historic Westerfield bushland and down the southern reservation past Eramosa Road on the Mornington Peninsula. 

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