Damon Anderson

State Government gives green light to bypass environmental protection

Dear Friends of Coomoora Woodland Flora & Fauna Reserve

Coomoora Woodland Flora and Fauna Reserve is in serious peril as the Minister for Planning, Justin Madden, has just decided that no Environmental Effects Statements is required before VicRoads bulldozes the nature reserve for the Dingley Bypass!

This runs directly counter to environmental and community interests (see attachments).

It may spell the end for Coomoora unless we take action now!

Coomoora Nature Reserve facing imminent threat of destruction

As the threat posed by the VicRoads Dingley Arterial Project to the Coomoora Woodland Flora & Fauna Reserve looms large and ever closer, Keysborough residents and concerned citizens have formed a coalition to protect the local community, environmental and cultural heritage values of the affected area.  see  http://gwc.org.au/scrc
The VicRoads Dingley Arterial Project involves the construction of a four-lane, 3.5km dual-carriage extension of the existing Westall Road extension, from Springvale Road to the Dandenong Bypass.
The Dingley Bypass extension will run directly through the Coomoora Woodland Flora and Fauna Reserve, destroying a Habitat Zone of “Very High” conservation value, at least one registered Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Place (scarred tree), one third of all native trees with “High” conservation value, and endangering many threatened species of flora and fauna of local and potential national and state significance.

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