RVL back flip proves Minister Hulls must intervene to end jumps racing

Greens MP Sue Pennicuik today condemned the additional reprieve given to jumps racing in Victoria by the sport's ruling body.

"I have to say I am not surprised that Racing Victoria Ltd (RVL) has caved in to fierce lobbying from the jumps racing industry and has backtracked on its decision to end jumps racing," said Ms Pennicuik. "I had been expecting it but it is still extremely disappointing."

Bugger the Polar Bears this is serious - Wonthaggi

22/01/2010 19:30

Rod’s latest show, “Bugger The Polar Bears, This Is Serious” is one with a difference.  Rod is genuinely concerned about the effects of climate change on the planet, and he is extremely well educated on the subject. So he’s done what only Rod could do: turn the grim and somewhat dry topic into a wacky and funny show.

Police need resources, not new powers in Footscray - Hartland

Greens MLC Colleen Hartland has expressed concerns about the police plan to commence using their new powers in Footscray on Thursday.

"The police already had the power to search people suspected of carrying an illegal weapon.  They had the power to move people on, and fine people who are drunk and disorderly. What they need is more resources to do their job.  That's why the Greens voted against the legislation in Parliament."

State Government gives green light to bypass environmental protection

Dear Friends of Coomoora Woodland Flora & Fauna Reserve

Coomoora Woodland Flora and Fauna Reserve is in serious peril as the Minister for Planning, Justin Madden, has just decided that no Environmental Effects Statements is required before VicRoads bulldozes the nature reserve for the Dingley Bypass!

This runs directly counter to environmental and community interests (see attachments).

It may spell the end for Coomoora unless we take action now!

Greens select candidate for Western Victoria

The Victorian Greens today announced their lead Marcus WardUpper House candidate for Western Victoria for the 2010 Victorian State election will be Marcus Ward. 

“Victorians are crying out for action on climate change, action on water reform and urgent action to help people deal with changes to our local weather patterns.
Yet the old political parties remain paralyzed, unable to imagine a world without coal. I look forward to the coming election year and the opportunity to kick-start the changes that should have begun a decade a go,” said Ward.

ALP promises and oldgrowth forests to go up in smoke

The fanfare surrounding the government's recent announcement (10th Dec '09) on over 40,000 ha of forest protected is a smoke and mirrors trick.
The area of old growth that it had promised to protect 3 years ago was much reduced. 5,000 ha less than the original offer. How?
Brumby cleverly protected areas that were already protected but under a different name - 'Special Protection Zones'. These are areas that were already mapped in the late 90s as the minimum required to protect rare and endangered plants and wildlife.

Historic Bushland Property to be Bulldozed for Frankston Bypass

Joyce and Simon Welsh, owners of the historic Westerfield property in the Green Wedge south of Frankston were notified last week that 2.656 ha of the pristine remnant bushland on their property will be acquired by the Victorian Government this Thursday 10/12 to make way for the Frankston Bypass. Westerfield is on Robinsons Road, Fig 7g on the attached Biosis map.
The Frankston Bypass route takes in a number of other environmentally significant sites ( see attached map.) The present State Government plans would destroy bandicoot habitat, heathland, grassy woodland and grazing land by running the Frankston Bypass and Peninsula Link through the Pines Flora and Fauna Reserve, historic Westerfield bushland and down the southern reservation past Eramosa Road on the Mornington Peninsula. 

Victorian Greens commend Animals Australia campaign

The Victorian Greens support Animals Australia's current "Don’t buy into cruelty" media campaign which highlights the appalling conditions on intensive pig farms in Australia and congratulate 60 Minutes for airing the issue in its broadcast, "The Hidden Truth" last Sunday night.

"Greens around Australia are working with animal rights lawyers and animal protection groups to put a stop to practices that inflict extreme and unnecessary suffering on farm animals," Greens MP Sue Pennicuik said today.

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