Trees and Weeds in the Dandenong Ranges

WEEDS again proved a hot hills topic at a forum with State Environment Minister Gavin Jennings last Friday.

More than 20 representatives from Dandenongs environment groups questioned the minister on a range of green topics at Olinda Community House.

Greens candidate for Monbulk Jo Tenner, representing the Upper Yarra and Dandenongs Environment Council, likened the fight against weeds to tackling a cancer.

Push for better safety at train stations in the hills

SAFETY at hills train stations is looming as a key election topic, with both the Liberal and Greens candidates for Monbulk launching campaigns for extra transit police and permanent staff at local platforms.

Victorian desalination plant may send the state broke!

A forum held at Wonthaggi on Saturday 22nd May heard some shocking revelations about Victoria's desalination plant.

Secrecy surrounding the contracts between the government and the desalination consortium led Kenneth Davidson, a senior journalist at the Age, to question the Victorian Auditor General. Mr Davidson found evidence of further secret contracts and indications of the real cost of the plant. “$900 million a year will eventually come from the pockets of Victorians, to pay for the desalination plant and its water”.

He considers this amount to be unaffordable and could send the state broke within five to ten years.

Greens Ballarat West candidate for a sustainable, liveable, and socially just city

The Greens have announced Ballarat resident and IT professional Leon Dwyer for the state seat of Ballarat West.Leon Dwyer

"Liberal and Labor are obsessed with watching the polls. The Greens stand out because we're driven by common sense policy, not the polls.”

“The community wants positive change and action on transport, energy, a green economy, human rights and social justice. This is what gets me excited about running as the Greens candidate for Ballarat West."

Greens condemn government’s pre election back-flip on suspended sentences

In another display of policy back-flipping, the Brumby government has reneged on its former commitment to suspended sentences. The about-face comes as the number of prisoners in Victoria is increasing and many prisons are reaching overcapacity.

"This is an unwelcome and unnecessary development," Greens justice spokesperson, Sue Pennicuik MLC, said. "Our courts need as many sentencing options as possible, and the courts are best placed to judge where a suspended sentence is appropriate in the circumstances and particularly where an offender may have already served a significant period in custody.

Mobil "not even trying" on emergency incident

Greens MLC Colleen Hartland has described Mobil's response to last night's incident at the Altona refinery as "not even trying".

"I started getting calls from community members soon after 9pm last night.  They could see the flaring for miles around, and they could see the cloud of gas or smoke.  But they couldn't find out what was going on."

Tulla Toxic Dump cancer study a cause for concern

Greens MLC Colleen Hartland has called for immediate, strong government action following the release of a community-funded study reporting a fourfold increase in cancer rates clustered around the Tullamarine Toxic Dump.

"The Terminate Tullamarine Dump Action Group (TTDAG) has long held fears about health impacts in the area.

Growing tide of reports of beach erosion since channel deepening

"Recent media reports* of serious beach erosion at Portsea add to the rising tide of reports of unprecedented high tides and inundation of beaches, land and roads at the southern part of Port Phillip Bay since the Entrance to the bay was deepened by five metres," said Greens MP, Sue Pennicuik today.

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