Labor and Liberal climate policies cost jobs

Australian Greens candidate for Ballarat Belinda Coates says that both Labor and Liberal have simply moved to delay on climate change and it will cost the region jobs.

Greens Announce Brendan Powell as the Casey Candidate

Brendan Powell

The Greens have preselected Brendan Powell to run in the seat of Casey in this year’s federal election.
“The community wants positive change and action on transport, energy, a green economy, safety and social justice. This is what gets me energised about running as the Greens candidate for Casey."

Brendan has grown up in Melbourne’s Outer East and has been involved in sports and fitness. He has been a leader in his community as is demonstrated by his progress from local swimming club captain, to committee member and eventual lead coach.

“I have been involved in sports and fitness all my life and see the value both emotionally and physically of a healthy active life. This is one of the things that drew me to The Greens, our policies are based upon improving the health of the community by supporting healthy choices. A lot of illnesses can be prevented, our measure of success is that less people will need to use a hospital in the first place.”
The Greens understand that it’s not just about creating a green future but also creating jobs and opportunities for the Outer East.

Renewables plan to create thousands of Gippsland jobs

Gippsland Green’s candidate; Michael Bond is enthusiastic at the prospect of the jobs bonanza wind energy could bring to Gippsland.

A recently released report called “Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan” outlines a plan to convert the nation's entire energy sector to renewable energy. It could be a blueprint for the Latrobe Valley’s future direction turning it from a coal based economy into a jobs-rich renewable energy region.

Gippsland Green’s candidate; Michael Bond says that Australia with its abundance of sunshine, consistent prevailing winds, miles of coastline and other renewable resources is well placed to be a world leader in these technologies. The Latrobe Valley’s existing infrastructure and skilled workforce would be an ideal place for manufacturing these renewable energy projects” he said.

The plan includes a mix of wind farms and concentrated solar thermal plants with molten salt storage to provide base load power. All are existing technologies that are commercially established in Europe, China and the US. Indeed, Spain is currently building approx 2GW (much more than the capacity of Hazelwood) of solar capacity and China is building and planning on having 100GW of wind power installed by 2020.That’s approx 75 “Hazelwoods” of wind power alone!  

Don't Get Caught Out - Enrol To Vote Now!

The Australian Greens have called on all Australians to check their enrolment immediately and update their details to ensure they don't miss out on voting in the imminent Federal Election, according to Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

Senator Hanson-Young, Greens Spokesperson on Youth says time is running out for people to confirm their place on the electoral roll for the 2010 election.

No helipad just part of Ballarat health woes

Australian Greens candidate for Ballarat West Leon Dwyer will speak at a community meeting tonight called to support a helipad in Ballarat. He will tell the meeting that he supports the community call for a helipad, but other critical health issues must also be addressed.

“This is an emotional issue, like many others in the community I have been touched by grief from recent events,” said Leon Dwyer.

Leon knew Claire Smith, aka “Becky Bloodnut”, through his involvement in the Ballarat Roller Derby League.

Wombat Forest logging denial not credible: Greens

Greens candidate for Western Victoria Marcus Ward says the denial from DSE that Wombat Forest has been opened up to logging from 2012 is not credible.

"The Government's native forest logging plan has been revealed and their damage control is in tatters," said Marcus Ward. "DSE says Wombat Forest will not be logged, but the VicForest allocations are clear as day, come 2012 it's open slather." *  

Grandson of Strzelecki pioneers selected as the Greens candidate for Gippsland

Michael Bond is the 46 year old grandson of pioneering dairy farmers in the Strzelecki ranges and is the Greens candidate for the Federal seat of Gippsland.

He spent his childhood helping on the family dairy farm. “That upbringing has taught me the value of hard work and the struggle for people on the land. I remember long days of hay-carting and morning milkings. It’s a never ending cycle,” he recalls.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Business from Monash University and works in marketing and sales. He knows how critical it is to balance the books. Funds wasted on government advertising and billions in assistance to large industries could instead be invested in education and infrastructure.

He also calls on the government for a simplification of paperwork for the millions in small business and for retirees. “I hate the paperwork of business as much as everyone. Those are hours we should be spending with our family and friends,” Michael said.

“I believe that jobs are the key to success for any community and that their creation is my number one priority for Gippsland. I want to see a jobs-rich Gippsland. I remember the serious unemployment in the 1990s due to the privatisation of the SECV. It dislocates communities and ruins lives and must never happen again” he laments.

Greens condemn logging return to the Wombat Forest

News that the Victoria’s Environment Minister, Gavin Jennings, has signed the Wombat Forest over to VicForests has been met with total disbelief.

“Steve Bracks promised to end all woodchipping and to hand the forest over to local community management,” commented Greens Western Victoria candidate Marcus Ward. “He said publicly and clearly, that if the community decided to end all logging that this would be respected. This pomise was made in the full glare of a state election, in writing, with the involvement and agreement of the then Treasurer John Brumby.”

“Now, in a sleazy backroom deal, it’s all out the window. It’s a total betrayal. One wonders what it takes to get the ALP to honour its commitments,” said Mr Ward.

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