Brown Mountain logging coupes illegal

Greens applaud landmark forest ruling

In a David vs Goliath battle, grassroots group Environment East Gippsland took on VicForests and won yesterday.  The landmark decision in the Supreme Court found that logging in the established coupes on Brown Mountain was to halt immediately while endangered species such as the long footed potoroo are present.  In his judgement, Justice Osbourne ruled that no further logging take place at all on Brown Mountain until surveys adequately ensure that no threatened fauna is present in other areas that might be scheduled for future timber getting.

ABC won't come to the party over Gruen Greens ad

The ABC has rejected pleas from the Greens to be allowed to broadcast a striking yet fake election advertisement that was created for the broadcaster.

The party confirmed it wants to use an advertisement created by agency Republic of Everyone that featured on the Gruen Nation last night.

But the ABC will not allow it to be used during the campaign, stating it owns the rights and the "ABC can't provide one side's advertising".

Labor shown as gutless again on education funding.

"The PM's decision to back down or delay again on the equitable distribution of education funding for public schools is a disgrace. It has been Labor policy for years to address the creeping of funds to non-public schools such that one third of government funds reach public schools that teach two thirds of students" said Dr Malcolm McKelvie, Greens candidate for McMillan.

Carbon failure puts cart before horse in closing hazelwood

Michael Bond Greens candidate for Gippsland , said, “The Greens welcome the Brumby Governments announcement of a staged closure of Hazelwood power station. However it raises questions about what will replace it because previous governments have all failed to set Australia on a sustainable course with regard to Climate Change,”

Greens open Ballarat office for positive campaign

The Greens have opened a shop and campaign office in Little Bridge St, Ballarat.

“For the next two weeks, this shop will be our open door to the people of Ballarat and the region,” said Belinda Coates, Australian Greens candidate for Ballarat. “I encourage everyone to drop in and find out more about us and our broad range of policies.”

Preference power to the people

The Greens in the Ballarat electorate will be reinforcing the message that people control where their preferences go and strongly encouraging voters to make up their own mind.

"The Greens have moved to ban pesky and wasteful 'how-to-vote' cards but both Labor and Liberal opposed that move," said Belinda Coates, Australian Greens candidate for Ballarat.

"Unfortunately some people don't realise that 'how-to-vote' cards are just a guide and people have the power to choose exactly where their preferences go."

Greens blast funding cuts to the Gippsland Multicultural Services

Federal funding cut to Gippsland wide community run Multicultural Service of grave concern to Australian Greens.

Gippsland Multicultural Services has lost it’s “settlement funding” to other agencies despite 25 years of experience. Workers and Volunteers at the Multicultural Centre provided a service for newly arrived refugees and migrants who were on permanent visas.

Manage forests for all values

The Greens believe the topic of forest protection is a critical matter of concern for many voters in the Gippsland region as it is so closely linked to our clean secure water supplies, carbon storage, climate stabilisation and protection of rare and threatened wildlife.

“The Labor and Coalition parties are turning a blind eye to the devastation that is being wrought in the Strzeleckis and Central Highlands”, says Michael Bond, Greens Candidate for Gippsland.

“My great Uncle, John Youl, worked for the Forest Commission in the 1920s and through the Great Depression with postings throughout Gippsland including Yarram and Heyfield. He won an OBE for ‘services to the timber industry’ in 1970 and loved the forests. In those days small scale local timber-getting operators cut chosen trees only for sawlogs. Today the intensive clearfell operations of VicForests and HVP are driven by giant woodchipping interests and much of this is to supply overseas companies”, said Michael Bond “I think Uncle John would be horrified to learn what’s now happening to his beloved forests.”

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