Health system disadvantages rural areas

Greens candidate, Dr Malcolm Mckelvie, is calling for a root and branch overhaul of Australia’s health system to make it fairer and more efficient. Dr McKelvie believes Gippsland is a classic example of the system being stretched to breaking point.

Greens Want the Best Government that Money Can't Buy

The Greens are asking all candidates in the Gippsland by-election to pledge support to cleaning up the corrupting influence that political donations have in Australia by reforming our electoral laws.

“The recent scandal regarding developers’ bribes dressed up as donations to the NSW government is just the latest example,” said Malcolm McKelvie, Greens candidate for Gippsland. "We don't want these influences in Gippsland."

Gippsland by-election date set

The Federal by-election in the Victorian seat of Gippsland will be held on June 28th.

The Speaker for the Federal House of Representatives, Harry Jenkins will issue a writ on May the 19th. It will be a 40-day campaign.

Both the Liberals and Nationals have held official campaign launches, but the ALP has been waiting for the date of the by-election to be announced.

The Former National Party MP, Peter McGauran, announced his resignation from the seat in early April to take up a job in the racing industry.

Local Doctor Stands for Greens in Gippsland

Greens Media Release

May 4, 2008




Logging Glider & Powerful Owl Habitat

The Otway Conservation Council (OCC) is asking the Environment Minister Gavin Jennings to intervene to protect an area of forest that is currently being logged in the Wait-A-While Creek catchment, which is habitat for Yellow-bellied Gliders and Powerful Owls.

A New Approach

At the outset of this campaign, I said that there were three broad areas that I want to tackle in Council. A new approach to urban planning and design. A more activist approach to local government. Greater transparency and scrutiny.

Armstrong Creek equals rampant subdivision and developer profits

I note the editorial outburst in Thursday’s Advertiser regarding Armstrong Creek. It is to be expected that the press will nail their political colours to the mast in any election, and I’ve no doubt Andy Richards is quite capable of defending himself over these issues. Having said that, there are serious policy reasons why this editorialising is at best misconceived on the question of Armstrong Creek. I have previously written of them in this newspaper.

Gippsland Landcare outlook looks grim

The Australian Greens today expressed concerns over the impact the Federal Government’s recent proposal, Caring for Our Country will have to the Gippsland

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