ALP - log first then protect - another kick in the teeth for forests

Greens candidate Malcolm McKelvie slammed the recent Brumby government announcement of the Strzelecki deal, as a mix of spin, hypocrisy and fraud.

Greens challenge candidates on “hot air” audit.

Greens candidate Malcolm McKelvie is challenging the other by-election candidates to compare energy use in their campaign offices. He has offered a free audit by a professional energy assessor and is keen to help them reduce their energy use during this campaign.

Fruitloop fertiliser to fuel climate change

Greens candidate Dr Malcolm McKelvie is calling for sanity after a new coal production plant for the Latrobe valley was announced yesterday.

"This is a completely crazy idea," Dr McKelvie said “we are trying to reduce carbon pollution, not increase it.”

Scales tipped on mental health

“If you could do a PET scan of the state to pick up psychiatrists, inner Melbourne would glow red hot. Gippsland might register a glimmer” said Greens candidate Dr Malcolm McKelvie.

Labor takes aim and misses on illness prevention.

Greens candidate Dr Malcolm McKelvie says Labor has halved the funding to the highly successful Australian Primary Care Collaborative program just at the time when it should have been doubled.

Rudd lacks vision on fuel

Our Prime Minister has shown himself to be out of ideas when it comes to solving our fuel problems. Greens candidate, Malcolm McKelvie has outlined practical actions the government could take.

Liberal MP deserves praise for stance on genetic modification

Greens candidate, Dr Malcolm McKelvie has praised Russell Broadbent for his vigorous campaign to stop  genetically modified food crops getting into our food supply .

A brown budget with green tinges - Coal corporations are the winners

Greens candidate for Gippsland Dr Malcolm McKelvie has said the first Rudd / Swan Budget fails miserably to meet the urgent challenge of climate change.

"Labor is spending $44 on defence to every $1 to tackle climate change. Yet this is the most urgent issue facing Gippsland, Australia and the globe."

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