Gippsland families will be charged for the Gippsland Water Factory

Gippsland families could be paying for the water used by large industries in the Latrobe Valley. Greens candidate Dr Malcolm McKelvie has warned that Gippsland residents should look carefully at the commercial arrangements for the Gippsland Water Factory

Rural Press Club Snub

Greens candidate for the Gippsland by-election Dr Malcolm McKelvie says the Rural Press Club is misguided in its decision not to include him in its lunchtime debate on Wednesday, 18th June.

Labor's dead hand smothers solar sector

Not content with signing the death warrant for the solar panel industry, Labor is now callously turning its back on the pleas for help. The Federal Government should listen to the solar industry and reverse their decision to means-test the rooftop solar rebate Greens candidate for Gippsland Dr Malcolm McKelvie said today.

Gippsland forests can offset Latrobe coal industry

Recent studies have shown that protecting native forests will be critical to offset the burning of coal. The Greens candidate for Gippsland, Dr Malcolm McKelvie has asked all candidates and voters to think about Gippsland's two big industries that are worsening climate change.

Getting decent dental care like pulling teeth.

Greens candidate Dr Malcolm McKelvie has accused the Labor government of following the coalition policy of underspending on dental care. The Greens recognise dental care as part and parcel of good health and would establish “denticare”, a publicly funded dental health scheme for all Australians.

 “The coalition abandoned dental care in Australia and now Labor has done close to the same thing. They have announced new dental programs worth $781 million but at the same time scrapped a $491 million program”.

Action on aquifer is woeful

Greens candidate Dr Malcolm McKelvie called for Esso to do more to stop the Gippsland coastline subsiding along the 90 Mile Beach at a public meeting in Yarram yesterday.

"Esso is pumping out enough oil and gas from the Latrobe Aquifer offshore from the Ninety Mile Beach to fill the Sugarloaf Reservoir each year, but they are not putting seawater back. The incredible coastline along the Ninety Mile Beach is at risk, along with the tourists who flock to experience it each year," Dr McKelvie said.

The time for clean energy is now

Greens candidate, Malcolm McKelvie says Labor has dropped the ball on climate change. Labor's budget is rewarding the carbon polluters and wiping out the solar industry.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd must reverse the budget gaffe which has devastated solar power businesses around Australia. A Yarragon based solar power supplier servicing the whole state estimates their business will suffer an 80% decline in grid interactive system installations. The effect is drastic and contrary to the stated policy of the government.

Major parties don’t deserve preferences

The Gippsland Greens today announced that they would not be directing preferences in this election.  “None of the major parties deserve our preferences,” said Dr Malcolm McKelvie, Greens Candidate in the Gippsland By-election.

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