Gippsland Lakes need Federal Government Help

The Greens are questioning the 'clean green Gippsland' claims after reports this week shows the Gippsland Lakes are almost damaged beyond repair.

"If we can measure the health of our agriculture by the health of the Gippsland lakes, then we are probably not very clean or green at all," said Dr Malcolm McKelvie, Greens candidate for the Gippsland by-election.

Postage stamp politics

“There are bigger and more important things in this election campaign than where the people of Traralgon buy their postage Bob Brown& Malcolm McKelvie outside the Traralgon Post Office image by Suzy Woodstamps”, said Dr Malcolm McKelvie, Greens candidate in the Gippsland by-election.

“For example, are our forests worth more to the community standing or as woodchips?” he asked.

Latrobe City ratepayers prop up coal industry by $10 million a year

Latrobe City ratepayers should be outraged at another level of subsidy for the coal industry that they are paying, says Greens candidate for the Gippsland by-election, Dr Malcolm McKelvie.

 "When Jeff Kennett privatised the power industry he granted them a 5 year stay on paying the local government rates - the same situation that existed for SECV. For some reason this moratorium has been extended by the State Government ever since. As a result Latrobe City Council is missing out on around $10 million every year.

Rural press club snub

Here's the question I put to the other candidates (except Ben Buckley who was also snubbed) from the floor at the Rural Press Club luncheon.

Bob Brown Visits Traralgon

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown will be campaigning in Gippsland tomorrow with Greens candidate Dr Malcolm McKelvie.

Senator Brown and Dr McKelvie will hold a press conference tomorrow morning at 12.30pm to discuss the Greens’ policy to reduce power bills and greenhouse gas emissions by retrofitting houses for energy efficiency and the Greens’ policy to increase aged pensions by $30 a week, which has been adopted by the Liberal candidate.

  12.30pm – Press conference with Senator Bob Brown, Australian Greens Leader and

Snowy river madness

The recent explosion in WA at a gas processing facility highlights the risks being taken with the Santos gas plant on the Snowy river estuary says Greens candidate, Dr Malcolm McKelvie.

Major party calls for aged pension increase ring hollow

Greens candidate Dr Malcolm McKelvie says there is a surprising number of issues the Greens have been fighting for over the past decade that the Nationals, ALP and Liberals are now starting to talk about. Increasing the aged pension is one example that reeks of political opportunism.

Green MLC's Colleen Hartland and Sue Pennicuk with Dr McKelvie

Dr Malcolm McKelvie, Greens candidate for Gippsland, with fellow Gippslander and Victorian Greens MLC, Colleen Hartland (left) and Sue Pennicuik, Greens MLC (right).


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