No lessons from horse flu?

The Federal Government is making the same mistake that Peter McGauran did when he let quarantine standards drop at Eastern Creek, said the Greens candidate for Gippsland, Dr Malcolm McKelvie.

"Only this time, it's the bee detection hives at our ports which have been slashed in the Budget.

"This is the most short sighted piece of cost cutting in the Federal Agriculture Budget" said Dr Mckelvie.

"These hives are our first and only line of defence against the invading Varroa mite.

ALP climate policy bill will harm farming land

The Greens have condemned the ALP for dressing up another tax rort for plantations as climate policy.

"This law gives investors an up-front 100% tax deduction on their costs in establishing a plantation with no requirement that the trees be kept in the ground.

The Greens, Nationals and Senator Heffernan joined forces to condemn the bill.

"Why is the ALP determined to drive regional Australia off the land and undermine the viability of their communities with this latest tax gift to plantation growers?" said Dr Mckelvie.

Greens will hold Chester to account on political donations



If Darren Chester is elected at this weekend's by-election poll, the Greens will hold him to the commitment he made supporting cleaning up political donations.

"At the Bairnsdale Meet the Candidates meeting Darren Chester supported the Greens campaign to reform political donations" said Dr Malcolm McKelvie, Greens candidate for Gippsland.

"The Greens have campaigned for many years against corporate donations to political parties, because this is how big business influences policy", Dr McKelvie said. 

How to Vote Card - Gippsland By Election 2008

The Greens how to vote card for the Gippsland byelection 2008 is below

Greens welcome Nationals support for Greens aged pension campaign

 Dr McKelvie has welcomed Darren Chester's call for all candidates to support the Greens proposal for an increase in the aged pension.

"Darren's advisors seem to have forgotten that last year, Bob Brown put up two motions calling for the Federal Government to approve a $30 a week pension rise to increase their standard of living above the poverty line," said Green candidate Dr Malcolm McKelvie. "The Coalition refused to approve both motions".

The up side to fuel price rises

“Rising fuel prices are triggering changes in our behaviour that need to bepermanent, as we adapt to a world of higher energy and fuel prices” Greens candidate for Gippsland, Dr Malcolm McKelvie said today.

Gippsland Greens candidate calls for immediate action on whaling

“The Greens in Federal Parliament have this week put up a successful motion for the Rudd Government to start work on international legal action against whaling in our waters” said Greens candidate, Dr Malcolm McKelvie.

"We don’t have whales in Traralgon or Orbost but it is an issue which Australians everywhere feel very strongly about. 

Peter McGauran's legacy - a Green Senator

Sarah Hanson-Young, recipient of a prize sponsored by Peter McGauran, has urged Gippsland voters to vote Green in this weekend's by-election.

"Now is the time for people in Gippsland to turn to the Greens.  We offer real vision, and we are serious about representing the whole community in the parliament," Senator-elect Hanson-Young said. 

"We will be pushing for an increase in the old age pension in budget negotiations after July 1".

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