Protection of public land and open space needs an overhaul

The Report of the Select Committee on Public Land Development, which was tabled in state parliament today calls for broad reform of how public land and open space in metropolitan areas and regional centres is protected, and for more open processes around the proposed development, transfer or sale of public land.

Channel Deepening Committee reports

The Inquiry into the economics of the Port Phillip Bay Channel Deepening project was released in the State Parliament today.

Greens MPs send invoice to Eden Chipmill

Multi-million cost of carbon pollution from logging in East Gippslandand Southeast forests, Greens MPs send invoice to Eden Chipmill

Rally for Full Abortion Rights - 1pm Sat 6th Sept, Parliament steps

Pro-choice activists slam the government's pandering to anti-women zealots! Rally on parliament steps, 1pm Saturday Septh 6th


  • Colleen Hartland, Greens MLC
  • Annne O'Rouke, Liberty Victoria vice-president
  • Prof Roger Short, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences Melbourne University

A recent national survey shows majoriy support for legalised abortion beyond the 24-week limit set by government's bill. Women need the right to choose at all stages of the pregnancy.

Three Greens MPs visit Eden Chipmill

Greens MPs from Victoria, NSW and the ACT will converge on South East NSW to step up the Greens campaign to end the logging of native forests.

Greens MPs Sue Pennicuik (Vic), Lee Rhiannon (NSW) and Deb Foskey (ACT) will visit Eden Chipmill and the South East forests area.

mountain ash = carbon stash

The most astounding report hit my desk a couple of weeks ago, I was so amazed by the contents of the study that I spoke about them at last

Latrobe Valley takes the first bite at a new future.

The people of the Latrobe Valley have responded to the need to change to a clean sustainable future said Greens candidate, Dr Malcolm McKelvie.

“The Greens primary vote in the Latrobe Valley has grown significantly this election while the ALP vote has fallen which shows more people are aware of the need to move away from the pollution and global warming coal industry to a better, more sustainable future in renewables and associated manufacturing.

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