Poker machines, youth and alcohol

I was surprised by the "angle" of the story in the Journal (front page Aug 18): "We'll Walk". The report made it seem like council had made a bad decision in blocking a development application for a hotel with up to 60 poker machines, and the sale of alcohol, in a youth area! The way the story was packaged, made it sound like the council blew it: another lost business opportunity for Dandenong!

Call for Ballarat City Council to go GM free

Belinda Coates, Greens candidate for Ballarat City Council has presented Council with a petition of 240 signatures to be tabled at the meeting tonight.

Wean Melbourne from the Murray

Sir, I write in response to your article 'Mitchell Dam supporters slammed' (Bairnsdale Advertiser 31/10) in the interest of setting your readers and Mr Craig Ingram MP straight.

For many years the Australian Greens have been campaigning for better amd more sustainable environmental flows for river systems across this country. This, of course, includes the once-might Murray River. We oppose the north-south pipeline because of the precious water that would be extracted from an already stressed river system.

Greens Senator visits candidates for Ballarat City Council

Senator Christine Milne visited Ballarat and talked to local Greens candidates for Ballarat City Council, Belinda Coates and Jon Stanger, about local solutions to climate change.

Logging on Brown Mountain is state sanctioned vandalism

Greens MP, Sue Pennicuik said today that logging at Brown Mountain in East Gippsland is state sanctioned vandalism and a blatant overturning of the ALP's 2006 commitment to protect old growth forests in East Gippsland.

Save the plantations for timber and the forests for carbon!


A forum on BioCarbon has determined that native forests are much more valuable being kept as carbon stores to reduce the damage caused by climate change.


Greens councillor for City of Greater Bendigo visits Ballarat


Julie Rivendell, Greens councillor and previous Mayor for the City of Greater Bendigo, visited Ballarat this evening. She spoke to a community forum organised by Belinda Coates and Jon Stanger, Greens candidates for Ballarat City Council.

Green candidates pledge to Act Now on Climate Change

Along with more than 70 Greens local government candidates across the state, Ballarat City Council candidates Belinda Coates and Jon Stanger have pledged to act now on climate change if elected to council.

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