Video Clip of Brown Mountain

Please check out this brand new 3 1/2 minute clip on Brown Mt and send it to everyone you can think of. Thanks (it's my first effort at making a YouTube video).

Lynette Keleher elected to City of Casey

I am so very thrilled and honoured to be elected as one of the two councillors for River Gum Ward in the City of Casey. This really seemed an impossible task as I was up against the Mayor Janet Halsall and Cr. Wayne Smith who has been here for long time.

Samantha Dunn re-elected to Yarra Ranges

Thank you so much to the people of Lyster, I was re-elected as Lyster Ward Councillor with a resounding 54% of the primary vote. I am humbled by your confidence in me and thank you for giving me the opportunity to continue to represent you.

Grass Roots in Suits #2 - last chance to save Brown Mountain - 12.30pm Tues 2nd Dec at Parliament Steps

02/12/2008 12:30
02/12/2008 13:30
We need to remind Mr Brumby again during the last week of parliament in 2008 that logging then burning our forests releases much of the 1000+ tonnes of carbon they can store per hectare, contributing to climate change.

After the successful rally at parliament on 7th November against the Brumby government's logging of Brown Mountain national estate old growth forest, there are some signs they may react to public concern and stop it.

WHAT: Another "suits and skirts" action protest, calm and orderly. Bring a mobile phone if you have one as we will all be calling the Premier

WHERE: Steps of Parliament House Melbourne, top end of Bourke St.

WHEN: 12.30pm, Tuesday 2nd December

WHY: To highlight that Melbourne city people care about old growth forests, and to draw attention to the outrageous logging of Brown Mountain.

Parliament will sit on the day at 2pm, so we may get some MP's out to our protest (last week of parliament for the year)

We will be calling Premier Brumby's number again on our mobiles all at one time to ask he pull the dozers out.

This is a visual action to show the media and government and public that there are professional people out there who are equally as concerned about our forests. A lot of the focus is normally on young people up trees, but this is a new image that should draw attention to the issue. Suits, skirts and well-dressed people are the action.

Please bring friends and pass this on to interested people.

For more information on the action call Peter Campbell 0409 417 504 or Luke Chamberlain 9038 0812

PIPELINE PROTEST - Wed 26th Nov, 10:30am

“It is impossible to save sufficient water to send 75 GL to Melbourne, so Brumby will pinch it from the environment and farmers who produce our food.”



John Ward and Jim Reiher, Green Party candidates in the upcoming local elections, vow to fight for the health of our community and make the City of Greater Dandenong a Genetically Modified (GM) Free Zone.

Multiculturalism in Victoria

What a terrific story on multiculturalism on the front page of the Journal Sep 8. An under 15 football team that reflects the nature and benefits of multiculturalism. Top points for making it a page one feature.

About Jim

I am 52, married with 4 adult children and 6 grandchildren.

I promise to work for the whole community: Families, individuals, workers, businesses, recreational facilities that are affordable, better public transport, and the environment.

I will ask of every decision: is this good for the community, the environment and the economy? Will our grandchildren thank us for this?

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