State government shows contempt for planning process with Frankston Bypass announcement

Greens member for Southern Metropolitan Region and spokesperson for Roads and Ports, Sue Pennicuik said today that "the Premier’s announcement this week to proceed with construction of the Frankston Bypass1 before the panel inquiring into the project had even finalised its Inquiry once again demonstrated the government’s contempt for Victoria’s planning and environmental assessment processes."

Brown Mountain old growth trees much older than was thought

Brown Mountain old growth trees much older than was thought

The University of Waikato, New Zealand radiocarbon dating laboratory has confirmed that a Shining Gum (E. denticulata) cut down by VicForests in the Brown Mountain old growth forest was 550-600 years old.

Greens MP Sue Pennicuik said in parliament today that “VicForests and the Brumby Government cannot ‘replace’ these trees once they are cut down. It would take until 2600AD to regrow a tree to the same size.”

“This ancient tree measured 11 metres around the stump close to the ground. It was young when Joan of Ark lived and before Christopher Columbus discovered America,” she said.

Hartland report challenges government on recycling

Greens MLC Colleen Hartland has released a report that details the financial, social and environmental benefits of a 10c deposit on drink bottles, challenging the Victorian government position on the scheme.

"I commissioned this report to show that a 10c deposit system is not only good for the environment, but also makes sound financial sense. It takes the packaging industry spin, and unspins it"

What is happening with our water - film night and forum

31/03/2009 19:30
31/03/2009 21:30

What is really going on with our community’s water?

No exceptions Pal ... Beach closed !!! Now Back Off

You are invited to the screening of two new controversial documentaries on the
privatisation of our water resources.

"Cloth ears" Madden fails on Barwon Heads

Greens MLC Colleen Hartland has described the Planning Minister's decision to overturn her successful disallowance motion on the Barwon Heads Bridge today as "a sad day for Victoria".

"Last week I spoke in Parliament in support of the people of Barwon Heads. My disallowance motion, to revoke the Government's planning amendment to allow the construction of a second bridge, was triggered by the communities of Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove who have campaigned long and hard on this issue. Had the Government consulted effectively at the beginning it would not have come to this," said Colleen Hartland.

Barwon Heads & Ocean Grove community wins in Parliament

Greens MLC Colleen Hartland has thanked the local campaigners for this afternoon's community victory in Parliament on the Barwon Heads Bridge issue.

"Today, Parliament validated the 2,500 people who attended the rally in January.  It listened to the 3,000 people who signed the register supporting a single bridge for Barwon Heads."

Forests Forever Ecology Camp

10/04/2009 00:35
13/04/2009 18:35

East Gippsland has some of the most ancient and beautiful forests in the world. These forests protect the soil, store carbon and produce clean water in abundance. They also provide critical habitat for endangered wildlife. Be awed by the beauty and complexity of these magnificent old forests and be outraged by their continuing destruction. Select your daily activities from a range of guided short and long drives and walks into the forests lead by experts. Take an organic farm tour, try wholesome soups for hungry walkers, learn how to save the forests from your own home, and more.

Capture free and clean solar energy to power your home

Join the Casey/Cardinia Solar Neighbourhood, help your community save 50 tonnes of greenhouse gases a year and reduce your impact on climate change.


From just $1,895* after the Federal Government’s $8,000 rebate, you could add $12,500 to the value of your house and save a minimum of $200 a year in energy bills.

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