Uproar as GM canola 'contaminates' beehive

GENETICALLY modified canola has jumped containment lines and "contaminated" a commercial beehive in western Victoria, prompting claims that people are not being told enough about what they eat.

Scientific testing on behalf of Greenpeace Australia found Monsanto's "Roundup Ready" canola strain, which is resistant to some herbicides, had contaminated hives near Bannockburn owned by Edmonds Honey.

Victoria lifted a moratorium on growing GM canola in November 2007 after being advised it could be kept separate from non-GM crops.

Greenpeace spokeswoman Louise Sales said the contamination meant people were being denied choice: anyone buying honey from the affected hive could be eating GM food without knowing it.

World Farm Animals Day – change is needed on our farms - Sue Pennicuik MLC Vic

World Farm Animals Day – change is needed on our farms

Media Release: Friday 2 October 2009

"On World Farm Animals Day, we should take the opportunity to reflect on the plight of animals that are subjected to needless cruelty in factory farms and slaughter houses all around the world," Greens MP, Sue Pennicuik said today.

Coomoora Nature Reserve facing imminent threat of destruction

As the threat posed by the VicRoads Dingley Arterial Project to the Coomoora Woodland Flora & Fauna Reserve looms large and ever closer, Keysborough residents and concerned citizens have formed a coalition to protect the local community, environmental and cultural heritage values of the affected area.  see  http://gwc.org.au/scrc
The VicRoads Dingley Arterial Project involves the construction of a four-lane, 3.5km dual-carriage extension of the existing Westall Road extension, from Springvale Road to the Dandenong Bypass.
The Dingley Bypass extension will run directly through the Coomoora Woodland Flora and Fauna Reserve, destroying a Habitat Zone of “Very High” conservation value, at least one registered Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Place (scarred tree), one third of all native trees with “High” conservation value, and endangering many threatened species of flora and fauna of local and potential national and state significance.

Court upholds public interest in Brown Mountain forest proceedings

The Supreme Court today refused VicForests' application for up to $163,000 in security from a small environment group. VicForests was asking for this sum to be secured before a court injunction is granted to stop logging on Brown Mountain. 

"If EEG had been required to pay such a large sum of money, it could have stifled an important piece of public interest litigation", said EEG spokesperson Jill Redwood. 

Desalination debacle – Victoria’s Unsustainable Water Future

“The Brumby government is setting us up for an unsustainable water future, said Samantha Dunn, Greens candidate for Eastern Victoria after hearing Neil Rankine Vice President of Watershed Victoria  speak at the recent Country Greens Network forum in Leongatha. Neil was speaking on the proposed desalination plant in Wonthaggi. 
“Mr Brumby has turned his back on sustainable, energy efficient water solutions for Melbourne, said Samantha, “The focus should be on water tanks, stormwater capture and recycling for our city.
Neil Rankine said “At the last election we were promised a sustainable water future, involving efficiencies, the closure of polluting ocean outfalls, and a partnering with the community to achieve desirable outcomes.
“We now find our Government is abandoning huge quantities of recycled water, they are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to produce class-A water at the Eastern Treatment Plant, only to pump it out to sea at an existing outfall.
“Worse still, we are to pay through our water bills for a $4.8 billion desalination factory, which will create yet another polluting outfall at Wonthaggi.

VicForests sued for illegal logging

Today, Environment East Gippsland commenced proceedings against VicForests in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

A writ was filed with the court this morning and has just been served on VicForests.

“We ask the Court for a permanent injunction to stop VicForests from logging Brown Mountain” said Jill Redwood, Coordinator of EEG. “We also ask the Court to declare that the logging of Brown Mountain is unlawful”.

Hartland to oppose towers at Williamstown

Greens MLC Colleen Hartland has thrown her support behind the campaign against high rise towers near Point Gellibrand.

"I met the Save Williamstown group last week, and they gave me a full briefing on their concerns."

Axing land and water research doesn't add up

The axing of Land and Water Australia (LWA) seriously undermines agricultural and natural resource management in Australia and will be opposed by the Australian Greens.

"Senate Estimates reveal that much of the crucial research and extension work currently being carried out by LWA will not be taken over by other agencies," said Senator Rachel Siewert.

"I cannot believe how short-sighted this government is when it comes to securing the future of our agriculture and managing our natural resources."

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