North South Pipeline

The State Government has decided to build a pipeline from the Goulburn River across the Great Dividing Range to Sugarloaf Reservoir. The pipe will transfer 75 billion litres of water from the Murray Darling Basin to support Melbourne’s consumption. The removal of this water from Northern Victoria will have a hugely detrimental impact on the farming areas, the regions social fabric and environment.

pipeline will mean more water sucking plantations in melb water suppy

here is some info from plantations australia group re the plantations in melb water supply with the pipeline to take into consideration when campaigning against the pipeline

Rally with Bob Brown 1pm Wed 28th, Treasury Gardens

There is a press conference with Bob Brown and Liz from EEG tomorrow (wed) at 1pm to talk about the threatened species on Brown Mt. and the urgent need for govt to do something. Meet outside the Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices in Treasury Gardens

Heartbreak at Brown Mountain

Greens MP, Sue Pennicuik visited the Brown Mountain area over the Australia Day  weekend and described the destruction of the old growth forest to the east of Brown Mountain Creek as 'heartbreaking'.

"I spent Sunday morning walking through one fantastic stand of old growth to the west of Brown Mountain Creek, where trees with 11 and 12 metre circumferences towered above us. They could be up to 400 years old," said Ms Pennicuik. Anyone who went there could only be awed and inspired and would want to see it protected.

"I was devastated to then visit an adjacent area that has been clear felled by Vic Forests over November and December. To see what just a few weeks ago was magnificent rainforest smashed to pieces is just terrible. It is senseless. Giant trees that have lived for hundreds of years and were home to threatened species have been just knocked to the ground in what now resembles a moonscape.

VicForest breaches law at Brown Mountain

Greens MP Sue Pennicuik drove up to Brown Mt to witness the destruction and breaches of the law which have been occurring. She spoke with contractors (in Stony Creek) and spoke with protesters. Walked into these areas - where there has been rainforest logging, the illegal taking of a giant tree outside the designated logging boundary and where there is much evidence of the illegal taking of burls (commercial operation).

Country Greens reject water plan

“I’m afraid its more of the same, business as usual, despite the terrible state of Victoria’s northern rivers, and increased threats from climate change” said Louis Delacretaz, Convenor of the Country Greens Victoria Network at their Annual General Meeting on Sunday 7th December at Mooroolbark Community Centre.

PIPELINE PROTEST - Wed 26th Nov, 10:30am

“It is impossible to save sufficient water to send 75 GL to Melbourne, so Brumby will pinch it from the environment and farmers who produce our food.”


Wean Melbourne from the Murray

Sir, I write in response to your article 'Mitchell Dam supporters slammed' (Bairnsdale Advertiser 31/10) in the interest of setting your readers and Mr Craig Ingram MP straight.

For many years the Australian Greens have been campaigning for better amd more sustainable environmental flows for river systems across this country. This, of course, includes the once-might Murray River. We oppose the north-south pipeline because of the precious water that would be extracted from an already stressed river system.

Sugarloaf pipeline advisory committee presentation

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss our submission with you,

I thought I would use my 20minutes to focus on the impact on flora and fauna.

although I would ask you to also note that we are also very concerned with social and economic impacts of the project, the production of greenhouse gases during construction and operation

In fact we would ask that energy for the operation of the pipeline be sourced solely from renewable sources (not offsets)

Sugarloaf Pipeline Submission

Advisory Committee

Sugarloaf Interconnector Pipeline Project                                                      18th March, 2008

Via email


Dear Ms Mitchell, 

I write to express our grave concerns with the Sugarloaf Interconnector Pipeline project.


the sugarloaf pipeline, no ees for yarra ranges


I was greatly disappointed to learn that an Environment Effects Statement (EES) will not be required for the Sugarloaf Pipeline, as announced by Planning Minister Justin Madden in late December, 2007.

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