Premier ignores economic costs of GM canola

Media Release December 13, 2007 Premier ignores economic costs of GM canola The Country Greens Network has called on Premier John Brumby to conduct a full economic audit of the costs of GM canola. Country Greens convener Louis Delacretaz condemned Mr Brumby for refusing to extend Victoria’s moratorium on genetically engineered crops. “Mr Brumby acted in a cavalier fashion and in the face of opposition from the community, farmers and even substantial internal dissent in the ALP,” said Mr Delacretaz. “The full costs of this decision have not been considered. We need to know the likely economic effect, as well as the impact on crop contamination and health.” Before the moratorium is lifted the Country Greens demand that the following conditions are met:

  • Independent scientific proof of the safety of genetically modified products in the food chain<\li>
  • Secure and established segregation of genetically modified and non-genetically modified crops<\li>
  • Clear guidelines on liability for crop contamination<\li>
  • Assurance that genetically modified crops won’t translate into herbicide-resistant weeds<\li>
  • Thorough labelling laws so that consumers can make informed and accurate purchasing decisions<\li> “We haven’t heard from the ex-Treasurer on the economic costs of abandoning our GM-free status in Victoria. All those clean and green contracts are up for grabs from states with an extended moratorium like Tasmania, WA and from New Zealand, Mr Delacretaz said. “What will this cost country Victorians?” “The growing success of the Greens in rural and regional Victoria in the past two elections indicates that country people are responding to Greens policy on issues such as the extension of the moratorium on GM canola and unsustainable rural water allocations. “Country Victorians can increase the pressure on Mr Brumby by writing to him or contacting their local MP. Local councils can also assist in lobbying Mr Brumby. “Many councils have already responded to community concerns by seeking to be GM free. We are now calling on them to join the thousands of community submissions in asking Premier Brumby to extend the moratorium on genetically engineered crops.” Contact Louis Delacretaz, 0407 300 188, Convenor Country Greens Network


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