Wonthaggi Desalination Plant

Duped by Desalination

“Figures just released to parliament revealing that in excess of $570 million will be paid annually to the consortium building the Wonthaggi desalination plant, regardless of how much water it delivers”, said Neil Rankine, Greens candidate for Bass, “show that the State Government was incompetent in ordering such a large plant.

“AquaSure the international consortium building the plant and the banks, Westpac and NAB, that set up the financing on the other hand have clearly secured a great set of contracts for themselves.

“Premier Bracks said the plant would be run constantly at full capacity when he announced it in 2007. They have been back-pedalling ever since. The excessive scale of the desalination plant was confirmed by studies I was involved in more than two years ago and again by DSE studies for the Environmental Effects Statement required for the desal plant.

Victorian desalination plant may send the state broke!

A forum held at Wonthaggi on Saturday 22nd May heard some shocking revelations about Victoria's desalination plant.

Secrecy surrounding the contracts between the government and the desalination consortium led Kenneth Davidson, a senior journalist at the Age, to question the Victorian Auditor General. Mr Davidson found evidence of further secret contracts and indications of the real cost of the plant. “$900 million a year will eventually come from the pockets of Victorians, to pay for the desalination plant and its water”.

He considers this amount to be unaffordable and could send the state broke within five to ten years.

Rally with Bob Brown 1pm Wed 28th, Treasury Gardens

There is a press conference with Bob Brown and Liz from EEG tomorrow (wed) at 1pm to talk about the threatened species on Brown Mt. and the urgent need for govt to do something. Meet outside the Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices in Treasury Gardens

Heartbreak at Brown Mountain

Greens MP, Sue Pennicuik visited the Brown Mountain area over the Australia Day  weekend and described the destruction of the old growth forest to the east of Brown Mountain Creek as 'heartbreaking'.

"I spent Sunday morning walking through one fantastic stand of old growth to the west of Brown Mountain Creek, where trees with 11 and 12 metre circumferences towered above us. They could be up to 400 years old," said Ms Pennicuik. Anyone who went there could only be awed and inspired and would want to see it protected.

"I was devastated to then visit an adjacent area that has been clear felled by Vic Forests over November and December. To see what just a few weeks ago was magnificent rainforest smashed to pieces is just terrible. It is senseless. Giant trees that have lived for hundreds of years and were home to threatened species have been just knocked to the ground in what now resembles a moonscape.

VicForest breaches law at Brown Mountain

Greens MP Sue Pennicuik drove up to Brown Mt to witness the destruction and breaches of the law which have been occurring. She spoke with contractors (in Stony Creek) and spoke with protesters. Walked into these areas - where there has been rainforest logging, the illegal taking of a giant tree outside the designated logging boundary and where there is much evidence of the illegal taking of burls (commercial operation).

Parliament can block desalination plant approval

Greens MLC's in the state Parliament will try and block the approval of the desalination plant. "We will move a motion of disallowance when Mr Madden tables planning scheme amendments in the Upper House this year" said Greg Barber. 

PIPELINE PROTEST - Wed 26th Nov, 10:30am

“It is impossible to save sufficient water to send 75 GL to Melbourne, so Brumby will pinch it from the environment and farmers who produce our food.”


Turning point in campaign against desalination plant as Bob Brown joins protest

Bob Brown has thrown his support behind the campaign against the desalination plant near Wonthaggi.  The Greens leader will fly down to the Bass Coast site for a protest rally today.

The rally against the $3.1 billion plant will be addressed by Senator Brown and Greens lead Senate candidate in Victoria Richard Di Natale.


The Desalination Proposal Is A Loser For The Environment And Household Water Bills, The Greens Say.

Greens environment spokesperson, Greg Barber MLC said: "The Bracks government's proposal for desalination is reportedly for a 150 000 ML plant at a cost of $3 billion dollars. Based on past estimates*, that would generate around 1 million tonnes of CO2."

Greens reject Libs motion on desalination

Greens MLCs have rejected a motion by the Liberals for a parliamentary inquiry into the desalination option.

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