Gippsland Greens candidate calls for immediate action on whaling

“The Greens in Federal Parliament have this week put up a successful motion for the Rudd Government to start work on international legal action against whaling in our waters” said Greens candidate, Dr Malcolm McKelvie.

"We don’t have whales in Traralgon or Orbost but it is an issue which Australians everywhere feel very strongly about. 

“Those who want the government to take action account for 87% of voters. The Howard/Coalition Government looked the other way as our whaling sanctuary ran red with blood. The Rudd government is making the right noises but is yet to take effective action. 

“This is an example of the big issues the Greens are spearheading in Federal Parliament. From illegal whaling to genetic engineering and dying with dignity. Being a local representative is not just about ‘parish pump’ issues.”  

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