Getting decent dental care like pulling teeth.

Greens candidate Dr Malcolm McKelvie has accused the Labor government of following the coalition policy of underspending on dental care. The Greens recognise dental care as part and parcel of good health and would establish “denticare”, a publicly funded dental health scheme for all Australians.

 “The coalition abandoned dental care in Australia and now Labor has done close to the same thing. They have announced new dental programs worth $781 million but at the same time scrapped a $491 million program”.

“People with chronic dental problems suffer poor health through poor nutrition, chronic infection, poor social interaction and fewer employment opportunities” said Dr Malcolm McKelvie. “Those worst affected are typically from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Denying people access to basic preventive and treatment services is unfair and further exacerbates the rich-poor divide.

“The Latrobe Community Dental Health Service is currently seeing people who were put on the waiting list in September 2005. We need a comprehensive approach to prevention of all health problems including tooth decay”. 

For further information please contact: Malcolm McKelvie 0417 364 615
Greens Candidate for Gippsland By – Election


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