Greens Want the Best Government that Money Can't Buy

The Greens are asking all candidates in the Gippsland by-election to pledge support to cleaning up the corrupting influence that political donations have in Australia by reforming our electoral laws.

“The recent scandal regarding developers’ bribes dressed up as donations to the NSW government is just the latest example,” said Malcolm McKelvie, Greens candidate for Gippsland. "We don't want these influences in Gippsland."

"The Greens welcome the Federal Government’s plan to ban overseas political donations and limit hidden donations to $1000. But this does not go far enough – to be fully accountable and tackle corruption, there’s much more to be done.

"The Greens have been campaigning on this issue for decades. We understand how large donations can corrupt our democracy and make a mockery of the voting system.

“Not only do we need to reduce the limit on undeclared donations, but the public must know who is behind larger donations, especially those from entities that are fronts for hidden interests such as lobby groups, large industries and developers.

"Recording donations on a public register is essential, but only part of the reform that’s needed. Donations clearly buy influence and favours – why else would anyone give thousands of dollars to political parties?

"In NSW $9.9 million in donations have flowed to the state ALP in the past five years from property developers. The Greens want to ensure there are clear and unambiguous commitments from all Gippsland candidates to help make our local democracy accountable and protected from vested interests.

"When unpopular developments are pushed through such as the Wonthaggi desalination plant, the gas plant on the Snowy, the Bastion Point boat-ramp at Mallacoota, as well as highly favoured and protected industries like woodchipping, we have to wonder if there are any financial influences at work.

For further information: Malcom McKelvie 0417 364 615 Greens Candidate for Gippsland By - Election

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