Local branches are gearing up for the upcoming Federal and State elections in 2010

We are a volunteer organisation depending on community support since unlike the big parties we don't accept donations from unethical big business.

We need your suppport to help run the campaign from helping on election day, letter boxing and helping the campaign in the leadup to election day.

Local branches are currently looking for help in:

  • Distributing Greens leaflets to letterboxes (you get fit and you help!);
  • Hand out how to vote cards at polling booths on election day - anytime during the day for several hours or up to half a day if possible;
  • Hand out how to vote cards at pre-polling stations Monday to Friday during the fortnight before the election - anytime during the day

If you want to help, please complete and submit the form below.

Not only is volunteering a great way to help support the party, it's often a rewarding way to meet like minded people in your area.


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