the campaign is dunn and dusted

It's been a fantastic journey, campaigning on behalf of the Greens in Eastern Victoria. I'm pleased to see an increase in Greens votes across the region in an election where there was a significant swing to conservative politics.

The campaign started quite a long time ago, but ramped up in earnest in November. I've had wonderful support from the Greens Lower House candidates across Eastern Victoria, Brent Hall - Gembrook, Jo Tenner - Monbulk, Tania Giles - Evelyn, Martin Rush - Mornington, Catherine Manning - Hastings, Anton Vigenser - Nepean, Neil Rankine - Bass, Belinda Rogers - Narracan, Kate Jackson - South Gippsland, Dan Jordan - Morwell and Jill Redwood - East Gippsland.

I've travelled the length and breadth of Eastern Victoria, from Lilydale to Portsea, from Berwick to Mallacoota. I've spoken to countless people about a myriad of issues and enjoyed it immensely.

I've had a check of the most recent results for the Upper House, I was curious to find out where the greenest places in Eastern Victoria are based on primary votes (going down to 20%):


  • 32.57% Selby (Monbulk district)
  • 32.45% Kallista
  • 31.85% Belgrave (Gembrook district)
  • 29.33% St Andrews Beach
  • 29.29% Warburton
  • 28.10% Selby (Gembrook district)
  • 27.90% Mt Dandenong
  • 27.45% Tecoma (Gembrook district)
  • 26.61% Tecoma (Monbulk district)
  • 26.09% Ferny Creek
  • 25.88% The Patch
  • 25.70% Belgrave (Monbulk district)
  • 25.56% Mallacoota
  • 25.52% Sassafras
  • 24.32% Shoreham
  • 23.68% Somers
  • 22.34% Cape Patterson
  • 21.90% Balnarring (Hastings district)
  • 21.89% Upwey
  • 21.88% Olinda
  • 21.42% Red Hill
  • 21.24% Dalyston
  • 20.45% Menzies Creek
  • 20.44% Newhaven

For the latest election result data click here.

My thanks to all of the candidates and their support teams, the people who worked closely with me on my campaign, the volunteers who tirelessly letterboxed, doorknocked and handed out on election day, the generous support of people who donated to the campaign and supported our fundraising events. You made this campaign the great success it was.

Where to from here for me, well at this stage it seems like a place in the legislative council is out for me so I'll return to local government as the Lyster Ward councillor in the Shire of Yarra Ranges, where I will continue to be a strong voice for the community.




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