Greens Working to Prevent Domestic Violence

Greens candidate for Narracan, Belinda Rogers, expressed her support for the State Election campaign by Domestic Violence Victoria today.

"The Greens will be fully supporting requests by Domestic Violence Victoria to double current expenditure for family violence counselling, fund and establish 20 new counselling staff and co-ordinate services according to the statewide government and non-government agreed strategies for integrated service delivery as stated by Greens MLC Colleen Hartland," said Belinda Rogers.
"The important issue here is saving the lives and protecting the futures of Victoria's children. Everyone says children are our future, yet we need to offer all children the potential for a future of their own. The reality that the state's most vulnerable children are left without support or paths to emotional recovery after experiencing violence is unacceptable," Belinda Rogers said.
"Family violence is a problem here in Narracan and for the whole state, for individuals and the broader community. It is costing $3.4 billion a year. That figure is based on the costs that we can quantify, but as we all know violence in the home is often under reported.”
The Greens parliamentary spokesperson on this issue, Colleen Hartland, has highlighted that "There are many more dollars coming out of the health budgets and other areas of the state's economy due to family violence that we don't know about."
Ms Hartland said that "There has been a lot of good work done already with the development of various Victorian strategies such as 'A Right to Safety and Justice', 'A Right to Respect' and 'Strong Culture Strong Peoples, Strong Families'.”
Ms Rogers believes that "The important thing now is to roll out services for young people and ensure that the goals set out in these strategies are met in all regional as well as metro areas."
Further information: Belinda Rogers

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