Labor’s Kindergarten Hypocrisy

Belinda Rogers, Greens candidate for Narracan, has today highlighted the hypocrisy of the Brumby government’s pledge for local kindergartens.
“It is all very well Mr Brumby promising $100 million for kindergarten upgrades at today’s Labor launch but, thanks to our Premier, up to thirty children are unable to receive a kindergarten education at the Drouin Kindergarten In Adams Crt in 2011,” said Belinda Rogers. ”The Labor Government refused an application for the extension of Drouin’s Adam Crt Kindergarten only two weeks ago even though Baw Baw Council pledged $250,000 towards the expansion fund conditional on the Brumby Government contributing $200,000 towards the project.”
“Again it is a case of Labor making grand promises on policy that should already have been delivered in the last term of Government,” said Ms Rogers.
“Approximately 20 children will be forced to travel to other towns to get their four year old kindergarten education while about ten children will miss out all together” Ms Rogers said. “Early education must not be seen as a luxury option. It is a fundamental right of children to receive a professional early years education”
The Greens policy clearly states that all children are entitled to two full years of publicly funded kindergarten. Belinda Rogers has spoken with the committee of management of the Drouin Kindergarten and has pledged to pressure the State Government to ensure money is made available to allow for these essential building works at the Adams Crt site.
“The reality is that Drouin is growing at an extremely fast rate,” said Ms Rogers. “This is yet another example of the need for careful planning to be in place with the rapid development of these towns. It isn’t good enough to encourage significant population increases without infrastructure planning being in place first.”
“Towns should not be forced into playing catch up after the event,” added Samantha Dunn, Greens Upper House candidate. “Our planning policy clearly explains the need for sensitive and practical approaches to town planning.”
Further information: Belinda Rogers

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