Pakenham needs more proactive youth services

The Greens candidate for Gembrook, Brent Hall said the frequent incidents of youth violence and street crime in the Pakenham area indicates a government which has failed to connect with its young people. The Greens believe this can be tackled through education, community and recreation services.
"Of course increasing police numbers is absolutely necessary and something the Greens support, it is however a reactive rather than proactive or preventative approach”, said Brent Hall.
"Sadly, there is a great disconnect between our young people and their communities, so to really tackle youth issues, we must not only try to understand why some are engaging in destructive behavior, but invite them to participate in the discussion about the solutions."
"Some young people who require help just can’t afford it or in many cases are unable to get access to assistance.
“The Greens are committed to funding and setting up programs to assist our communities and young people.
"At this election the public’s vote is powerful" concluded Brent. “It could help make history”.
Contact Brent Hall mob 0451 817 032

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