Labor’s grubby preference deal

Today the Greens have come out on the front foot over Labor’s sneaky preference deal with extremist party, Country Alliance.

In a deal that could see Country Alliance elected through Labor preferences, Greens Victorian lead Upper House candidate Samantha Dunn has expressed her anger. "This grubby deal done by the ALP with Country Alliance has all the hallmarks of the Steve Fielding deal done in 2004 that shocked and outraged so many voters," said Samantha.

"I cannot be clearer, a vote for the ALP in the Upper House is likely to lead to the election of the shooters and hunters party. Country Alliance’s vision is clear – they want less investment in renewable energy and more investment in dirty coal. Is that the future you want for you and your children?" said Samantha.

"Labor pledged to protect our forests and now they turn around and do a deal with a party that wants to destroy them. Country Alliance opposes the creation of any more National Parks and wants to continue logging in catchment areas. Labor clearly cannot be trusted. Voters in this region are smart; they will see this deal for what it is. Any credibility that Labor had with voters has disappeared."

"At the federal election the Victorian community was loud and clear on the vision they wanted when they voted in their first Greens Lower House member, Senator and record high Green vote across the region. The Victorian community said yes to the vision that supports investment in renewable energy, public transport, preventive health, climate change and making sure our forests are protected."

"Voting for the ALP this election will crush the vision that the Eastern Victorian community so clearly called for. Our community needs progressive, common sense politics, not out dated, backwards thinking, extremist policy. Think carefully about what future you want after this election. This time your vote is very powerful" Samantha concluded.




Further information: Samantha Dunn 0429 29 29 04 or


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