Labor forest announcement undermined by Labor preferences

The Australian Greens have revealed that the Labor party is considering preference the pro-logging, shooting and climate change denier party Country Alliance in the Western Victoria Upper House Region.
"In 2006, the Labor party preferenced both the ultra-conservative DLP and Country Alliance ahead of the Greens, handing the DLP a seat with just 2.5 percent of the vote," said Marcus Ward, Australian Greens candidate for Western Victoria.
"They look set to do the same again in Western Victoria, refusing to rule out preferencing the DLP, Country Alliance and Family First in the Upper House."
"Labor's forest policy announcement today is little more than a name change, although we're glad they've responded to our call to hold talks with loggers and conservationists."
"However their forest policy is completely undermined by their refusal to rule out giving preferences to the pro-logging Country Alliance and other small conservative parties."
"If the Labor party stands for more than just spin, they would rule out preferencing conservatives and pro-logging groups."
"The Country Alliance would see logging return to the Otways, the Wombat Forest, the Cobbobonee and other Western Victoria native forests."
"The Labor party recently reversed their decision to open up logging in Western Victoria and if they're serious about that they need to rule out preferencing the Country Alliance, who support logging our native forests and water catchments."
Despite taking credit for the expansion of national parks, such as the Greater Otway National Park, as well as ending logging in protected areas, the Labor Party and Parliamentary Secretary for Water and Environment (MP for South Barwon), Micheal Crutchfield, are are set to do a deal with Country Alliance. The Country Alliance would devastate the very National Parks that Mr Crutchfield and Labor purport to champion.
Labor's deal with Country Alliance would put Country Alliance ahead of the Greens on Labor's preferences ticket and may catapult Country Alliance into Parliament, as previously done with the DLP and Family First.
"The Country Alliance also deny the reality of climate science and if the Labor party want to be taken seriously on climate change they need to rule out this dirty deal."
Contact: Marcus Ward on 0427 235 254

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