Greens Endorse Gippsland Carers Proposal for eight grass roots regional carer support networks

This afternoon the Greens Party announced they had endorsed the Gippsland Carers Associations proposal to establish a statewide regional community-based carer support network, after hearing the passionate call made at the carers forum in Morwell yesterday .

 Speaking for the Greens, Upper House Eastern region candidate, Samantha Dunn said: "We want to end government neglect of carers. Whoever forms government will be receiving a visit from Victorian Green parliamentarians to ensure that urgently needed resources are delivered quickly to Victoria's carers, for the next four years."

Samantha said: "The proposal developed by the Gippsland Carers Association, and supported by Carers Victoria, for a community-based carers support network across Victoria will assist carers across metropolitan and regional Victoria providing these overburdened and under-resourced people with urgently needed peer support, advocacy and information. This will help carers to better access the full range of government programs and assist government o better understand and respond to the needs of carers."
The Gippsland Carers proposal was put to a panel of nine candidates for the state election at the regional Carers Forum and AGM held yesterday. The association briefed the Candidates on the issues of most importance to family carers in the lead up to the elections.
Greatest of these was the establishment of eight, region-based family Carer Support Networks that will provide grass roots peer support, information and advocacy for caring families to their homes, and where they live.
President Jean Tops, told the Candidates that the networks are a vital ‘gap service’ to support carers who are overworked, stressed, frail and often at breaking point under the burden of unmet caring needs.
"Gippsland Carers are supported by Carers Victoria in our call for regional family carer networks to provide grass roots support and advocacy to the door of the Carers who are often virtual prisoners in their own homes" she said.
"More than 750,000 caring families contribute at least $10million to the state budget bottom line, but they are denied a funded voice or advocacy network of their own’ for the cost of a mere $4million a year. This equates to around $5.20 per carer per year and is a small ask for help that has so far failed to come to us".
"Caring families welcome this very important commitment from the Greens party and we call upon Labor and the Coalition to announce tri-partisan support for a fully funded regional carer support network as a matter of clear priority" Mrs Tops said.


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