Greens first rural/regional Victorian seat Western Victoria

Impressive results in the federal election for the Australian Greens suggest Western Victoria could be the first rural/regional seat for the Greens in Victoria.
Marcus Ward is the Australian Greens lead candidate for the state Upper House seat of Western Victoria. Marcus lives near Kyneton with his partner Chris where they operate a wildlife shelter rehabilitating orphaned and injured animals. He's an architect specialising in energy efficient rural housing with over 300 completed projects throughout Victoria.
The Greens received a larger swing than both Labor and Liberal across Western Victoria, achieving over 12.5 percent of the Senate vote.
"I'm really encouraged by the level of community support for the Greens commonsense and practical ideas for Victoria," said Marcus Ward. "Western Victoria has sent a strong message to the old parties that they can't be taken for granted and that people are tired of the same old politics."
"The old parties have failed to offer a positive vision for a fairer, more equitable and sustainable state of Victoria and more and more people are turning to the Greens for that vision."
"The increased support for the Greens in Western Victoria shows that people are recognising that we offer a vision and a better deal for rural and regional Victoria. If the Federal election results are any gauge, voters are responding."
Marcus Ward will focus on the issues important to Western Victoria, including:
  • A first class regional education system including TAFE and universities. TAFE fee increases need to be reversed.
  • Free dental care, better hospitals and fully funded community healthcare including mental health.
  • Smarter, greener and cheaper transport options, rail freight and safer roads.
  • Create nearly 100,000 jobs in Western Victoria by 2030 with strong action on climate change.
  • Stop native forest logging, the fastest way to reduce atmospheric CO2 & improve water security.
  • Support farming communities to stay on the land and provide rural services equal to those in the city.
  • End tax rip-off plantation schemes, support strong bio-security and increased research support for agriculture.
  • Sustainable water and energy solutions that will reduce cost of living pressures and won't cost the earth. 
Contact: Marcus Ward on 0427 235 254


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