Carbon failure puts cart before horse in closing hazelwood

Michael Bond Greens candidate for Gippsland , said, “The Greens welcome the Brumby Governments announcement of a staged closure of Hazelwood power station. However it raises questions about what will replace it because previous governments have all failed to set Australia on a sustainable course with regard to Climate Change,”

“The Australian Greens offered amendments to the ALP’s ETS that would have locked in success, not failure. Instead, now it is likely that public funds may be used to compensate power generation companies for shutting down turbines at Hazelwood or just keep them rolling, churning more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.”

“We don’t have the mechanisms in place such as a price on carbon and feed- in tariffs that would allow existing high tech energy solutions into the market place. We need these to make the required deep cuts in carbon emissions and allow us to move away from dependence on fossil fuels to generate energy,” he said.

“Without a price on carbon there is no above-board and fail-safe means of stemming the tide of Australian high tech energy solutions leaving the country for overseas markets, where governments aren’t dominated by fossil fuel lobby groups. We need these high tech energy solutions to ensure future employment for our excellent workforce here in Gippsland.“

“The world is moving to a low carbon future, if we don’t grasp the opportunities and position ourselves at the forefront of development we will be left behind and be forced to import technology that is leaving our shores now as intellectual property,” he added. “Australia needs the Greens ‘New Deal’, a road map that will secure a profitable future for Australia.”

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