Labor shown as gutless again on education funding.

"The PM's decision to back down or delay again on the equitable distribution of education funding for public schools is a disgrace. It has been Labor policy for years to address the creeping of funds to non-public schools such that one third of government funds reach public schools that teach two thirds of students" said Dr Malcolm McKelvie, Greens candidate for McMillan.

"Only the Greens are now prepared to stand up for a better deal for public education. Our policy is to bolster funding for public schools and include two years of pre school education, ensuring all children have access to a great start in life and then can follow up with provision of quality education through primary and secondary schools. Tertiary education should also be publicly funded just as it was for the current crop of decision makers".

"There is no doubt that private schools do a wonderful job in education and our policy does not seek to remove all public funds from these schools, just to redress the imbalance in funding that has occurred. It is another policy area that just makes sense and is fair."

Further information: Malcolm McKelvie 0417 364 615  

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