Let's inject some sense into the debate over marine parks

"What a stir the debate on marine parks is causing and what a storm in a teacup", said Dr Malcolm McKelvie, Greens candidate for McMillan.

"Even our coalition candidates won't find the concept too hard to understand- protect some sites from fishing so the fish populations can breed and thrive and spread out so there are more fish to catch everywhere else for people now as well as their children and grandchildren. It's not difficult nor very complicated- it's another policy that makes good sense and works."

"Australia is in the fortunate position that we control our fisheries and can act to protect them. Other parts of the world share fisheries with close neighbours so effective regulation and enforcement is difficult and the result is that fisheries are overused and collapse. Voters won't fall for the cheap shots taken by the coalition on this issue".


Contact Malcolm McKelvie 0417 364 615 malcolm.mckelvie@vic.greens.org.au


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