ABC won't come to the party over Gruen Greens ad

The ABC has rejected pleas from the Greens to be allowed to broadcast a striking yet fake election advertisement that was created for the broadcaster.

The party confirmed it wants to use an advertisement created by agency Republic of Everyone that featured on the Gruen Nation last night.

But the ABC will not allow it to be used during the campaign, stating it owns the rights and the "ABC can't provide one side's advertising".

A scene from the fake Greens ad showing on Gruen Nation.

A scene from the fake Greens ad showing on Gruen Nation.

The "fake ad" was created as part of "The Pitch"- a segment in which two advertising agencies were asked to create an advertisement about the Greens.

The 30-second clip focused on issues such as gay marriage, climate change and dental care and has been viewed more than 3400 times this morning on YouTube.

Republic of Everyone's Ben Peacock said on the Gruen Nation that its creation aimed to show the Greens' stance on multiple issues, not just the environment.

The Greens Senator, Bob Brown, said he thought the ad was "great."

"And it got right to the point. The Greens have normally had a struggle to stay in election campaigns because of the spending of the old parties. We’ll give them a run for their money this time."

"Maybe Gruen Nation could run that ad again next week, that would be a start," Senator Brown said.

Gruen panelist and Leo Burnett chief executive Todd Sampson told Mr Peacock "it was the best ad the Greens have ever done" and to "expect a phone call".

And that call came this morning.

Greens spokeswoman Ebony Bennett confirmed the party had contacted Republic of Everyone and the ABC asking to use the advertisement.

"We rang the Republic of Everyone first thing this morning as we had a huge response following last night and we were inundated with requests to get it on air," Ms Bennett said.

But an ABC spokesman said the broadcaster would not provide the "fake Greens" advertisement.

"ABC TV will not be providing the fake Greens ads to the Greens party, because the ad was made specifically for Gruen Nation," he said.

The Gruen Nation's Twitter account also tweeted a short time ago that "Greens can't buy or run brill Gruen Nation ad ... ABC can't provide one side's advertising".

Ms Bennett denied the fake advertisement was better than those created by the party.

"I think all our ads have been fantastic," she said.

"This just came out of nowhere. I think people are really disillusioned by the major parties and what they believe ... and [this advertisement] speaks to the core of what the Greens believe in."

Ms Bennett said the party had placed links to the video on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

Mr Peacock said the response since the Gruen Nation had been phenomenal.

He also refrained from criticising the ABC for not releasing the advertisement to the Greens.

"Clearly I would love to see it on TV but at the same time I don't think it is a question of won't for the ABC; it is that they can't ... be giving ads to political parties and I totally sympathise with them," he said.

Mr Peacock said the clip took over a week to produce and was the first idea floated by his team.

He said the advertisement "worked because it was positive" and is based "on real issues".

"I really would like to see this change the way political parties view advertising and show them it can be positive," he said.

"I would also hope from a corporate [advertising] point of view that they can realise the power in sustainable and positive messages."

with Louise Hall



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