Greens open Ballarat office for positive campaign

The Greens have opened a shop and campaign office in Little Bridge St, Ballarat.

“For the next two weeks, this shop will be our open door to the people of Ballarat and the region,” said Belinda Coates, Australian Greens candidate for Ballarat. “I encourage everyone to drop in and find out more about us and our broad range of policies.”

"We are running a positive campaign and having a local office, accessible to all, is part of that. The Greens have a vision for the future of the region, with clean energy, preventative health care, quality local food and first class education."

“More and more people are turning to the Greens. To find out why, come along to our new shop, pick up some materials and get answers to questions you might have."

"We have a great opportunity in just a couple of weeks to elect our first Greens Senator for Victoria, Dr Richard Di Natale. Our shop in Little Bridge St is an open door to the Greens, but through Dr Di Natale locals may soon have an open door to Canberra."

Contact: Belinda Coates on 0400 947 688  


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