Preference power to the people

The Greens in the Ballarat electorate will be reinforcing the message that people control where their preferences go and strongly encouraging voters to make up their own mind.

"The Greens have moved to ban pesky and wasteful 'how-to-vote' cards but both Labor and Liberal opposed that move," said Belinda Coates, Australian Greens candidate for Ballarat.

"Unfortunately some people don't realise that 'how-to-vote' cards are just a guide and people have the power to choose exactly where their preferences go."

"People are disillusioned with the old parties and are looking for a good alternative. I would say to them, vote 1 Greens and then make up your own mind."

"People are asking 'where does my preference go if I vote Greens?' We're saying it's your choice."

The Greens 'how-to-vote' card in the Ballarat electorate will reinforce this message by not recommending preferences. It will simply recommend a 1st preference to Greens candidate Belinda Coates and tell voters to number each box in the order they choose.

"The Greens are not beholden to any party and people shouldn't be either. Voting Greens sends a strong message to the old parties that they need to lift their game. If your party of choice isn't elected, the whole value of your vote goes to the next party of choice."

"A Greens vote is a double value vote - send a message and decide your own preferences."

For more information on how preferences work, go to:

Contact: Belinda Coates on 0400 947 688



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