Greens blast funding cuts to the Gippsland Multicultural Services

Federal funding cut to Gippsland wide community run Multicultural Service of grave concern to Australian Greens.

Gippsland Multicultural Services has lost it’s “settlement funding” to other agencies despite 25 years of experience. Workers and Volunteers at the Multicultural Centre provided a service for newly arrived refugees and migrants who were on permanent visas.

Australian Greens candidate for Gippsland, Michael Bond said that it “was of great concern that the ALP have disregarded all these years of community service and knowledge, and that it appears to be another streamlining action of the ALP with little regard for the community connections that have been established by the organization”.

“The Immigration & Refugee Policy of the Australian Greens is the most comprehensive of all the parties and supports the work the Gippsland Multicultural Service did in providing adequate, effective and timely support to refugees and migrants on permanent visas”, said Michael Bond.

“The Australian Greens would work to ensure that funding for public and community sector agencies providing these migrant-specific services is increased to a level sufficient for the Gippsland Multicultural Service to work, and continue to work, in the interests of refugees and migrants”.

“The Australian Greens policy on Multiculturalism recognizes the importance of the work done by this organization in providing services, promoting belonging and connection, and providing data that will help improve the services and programs”, said Michael Bond, "Sadly all this work seems to have been ignored by the Federal Government", he concluded.


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