Labor and Liberal climate policies cost jobs

Australian Greens candidate for Ballarat Belinda Coates says that both Labor and Liberal have simply moved to delay on climate change and it will cost the region jobs.

“In Julia Gillard's words, delay is denial and not only have both the old parties failed to deliver on climate change, we now know it will cost us 7,200 jobs in the region.”

A recent independent report commissioned by the Australian Council of Trade Unions and Australian Conservation Foundation shows that the Ballarat region would have over 32,000 new jobs created by 2030 with strong action on climate change. Just 24,700 would be created with weak action. The Ballarat region includes the local government areas of Moorabool, Ballarat, Ararat, Central Goldfields, Hepburn and Pyrenees Shire.*

“Catherine King committed to strong action on climate change at the last election, including a pledge to reduce carbon emissions 30% by 2020. It now seems our 'biggest moral challenge' can wait another three years after little action from the last three.”

“There seems to be a common theme developing where Catherine King gives the impression of caring about an issue but follows the Labor party line in the opposite direction, without saying a word publicly.”

“To make matters worse, the Liberal candidate, Mark Banwell has his head in the sand in regard to climate change. Why would he want to deny the people in the Ballarat electorate opportunities for new green jobs with strong action on climate change?”

“If you don't believe the evidence of our top scientists and every scientific body in the country, what evidence would you base any of your policies on?”

“People are tired of the same old style of politics. The Greens have a proposal for a simple carbon tax that will give business certainty and unleash new green job creation. We have a range of policies that will put a price on carbon and boost renewable energy and energy efficiency to help us reach our target of 32,000 new jobs by 2030.”

“Unions are beginning to join the million people who now vote Greens in Australia, supporting our policies on climate change and job creation. The ETU has recently announced that it has severed its ties with the Labor party and is putting its support with the Greens.”


Contact: Belinda Coates on 0400 947 688


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