Greens Announce Brendan Powell as the Casey Candidate

Brendan Powell

The Greens have preselected Brendan Powell to run in the seat of Casey in this year’s federal election.
“The community wants positive change and action on transport, energy, a green economy, safety and social justice. This is what gets me energised about running as the Greens candidate for Casey."

Brendan has grown up in Melbourne’s Outer East and has been involved in sports and fitness. He has been a leader in his community as is demonstrated by his progress from local swimming club captain, to committee member and eventual lead coach.

“I have been involved in sports and fitness all my life and see the value both emotionally and physically of a healthy active life. This is one of the things that drew me to The Greens, our policies are based upon improving the health of the community by supporting healthy choices. A lot of illnesses can be prevented, our measure of success is that less people will need to use a hospital in the first place.”
The Greens understand that it’s not just about creating a green future but also creating jobs and opportunities for the Outer East.
“The Casey electorate can lead the way in building the nation APOSTROPHE s green economy. With its large manufacturing base there are enormous opportunities to create the green jobs and green industries that will allow Australia to support a high quality of life in an environmentally responsible way.”  

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