Wombat Forest logging denial not credible: Greens

Greens candidate for Western Victoria Marcus Ward says the denial from DSE that Wombat Forest has been opened up to logging from 2012 is not credible.

"The Government's native forest logging plan has been revealed and their damage control is in tatters," said Marcus Ward. "DSE says Wombat Forest will not be logged, but the VicForest allocations are clear as day, come 2012 it's open slather." *  

"Geoff Howard must step up and categorically rule out logging in the Wombat Forest and tell us exactly what native forests in Western Victoria will be open to logging after 2012."

"It's not enough to make empty promises before the election, if the Wombat Forest isn't going to be open to logging it has to be removed from the VicForest allocations."

"Promises from the Brumby Government are coming thick and fast in the lead up to the state election, but people are smarter than that, they know the promises hold no water and can't be trusted beyond November, let alone 2012."

"The community has spoken, they don't want logging in the Wombat Forest and after years of work they deserve certainty. The Wombat must be removed from the VicForest allocations."

* attached is a DSE map clearly showing the Wombat Forest included in VicForests Allocated Stands for 2010

Contact: Marcus Ward on 0427 235 254 or 5423 5254


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