Grandson of Strzelecki pioneers selected as the Greens candidate for Gippsland

Michael Bond is the 46 year old grandson of pioneering dairy farmers in the Strzelecki ranges and is the Greens candidate for the Federal seat of Gippsland.

He spent his childhood helping on the family dairy farm. “That upbringing has taught me the value of hard work and the struggle for people on the land. I remember long days of hay-carting and morning milkings. It’s a never ending cycle,” he recalls.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Business from Monash University and works in marketing and sales. He knows how critical it is to balance the books. Funds wasted on government advertising and billions in assistance to large industries could instead be invested in education and infrastructure.

He also calls on the government for a simplification of paperwork for the millions in small business and for retirees. “I hate the paperwork of business as much as everyone. Those are hours we should be spending with our family and friends,” Michael said.

“I believe that jobs are the key to success for any community and that their creation is my number one priority for Gippsland. I want to see a jobs-rich Gippsland. I remember the serious unemployment in the 1990s due to the privatisation of the SECV. It dislocates communities and ruins lives and must never happen again” he laments.

Climate change poses a major threat to our way of life. “I’ve seen close-up the effects of climate change on rural economies. We need to move to a low carbon economy – and fast. I believe Gippsland’s future lies in renewable energy and the maintenance of native forests” he says.

The Greens will assist coal communities to move to sustainable industries and will redirect the massive subsidies for fossil fuel to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Australia has an abundance of sunshine, consistent prevailing winds, miles of coastline and other renewable resources such as Geothermal” he explains. “In Spain they are currently building 3Gigawatts (GW) of solar generating capacity. Thousands of desperately needed manufacturing jobs could be created for Gippsland if authorities would embrace renewable energy.”

Michael knows there are many good ideas in the Gippsland community and looks forward to hearing your thoughts.

For further information contact Michael Bond -0413 315 084 or email


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