Greens condemn logging return to the Wombat Forest

News that the Victoria’s Environment Minister, Gavin Jennings, has signed the Wombat Forest over to VicForests has been met with total disbelief.

“Steve Bracks promised to end all woodchipping and to hand the forest over to local community management,” commented Greens Western Victoria candidate Marcus Ward. “He said publicly and clearly, that if the community decided to end all logging that this would be respected. This pomise was made in the full glare of a state election, in writing, with the involvement and agreement of the then Treasurer John Brumby.”

“Now, in a sleazy backroom deal, it’s all out the window. It’s a total betrayal. One wonders what it takes to get the ALP to honour its commitments,” said Mr Ward.

“If they think the Wombat community is going to roll over and play dead, I think they’ve grossly misjudged us. I fought for over ten years to stop the logging as did hundreds of others. We’re still here.”

“The Minister should rethink and start acting like an environment minister for a change,” Mr Ward said. “Local and state conservation groups have recently put a plan to declare the Wombat a conservation reserve. Is this the Minister’s formal response?”

“My feeling is that VicForests will not get a single stick out of the Wombat Forest. If it’s back to the barricades, then so be it.”

“Whatever happens, the government’s credibility has been permanently damaged.”


Marcus Ward is the Greens candidate for the Western Victoria Upper House Region. If elected he will join the three current metropolitan Greens MLCs as the first rural/regional Victorian Greens MP.

Contact: Marcus Ward on 54235254 or 0427235254  


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