Picket line to stop Westerfield bushand being bulldozed

Tomorrow at 7 am Monday 5 July 2010 construction will start on the Westerfield bushland heritage property. It is being bulldozed for the Peninsula Link freeway route. Local groups will be picketing the site.
Work is to start despite the fact that :
  • The Westerfield appeal was heard in the Heritage Council on 25 June 2010 and no decision has been made. The Heritage Council was reported to have said that the members would not be hurried into making a decision.
  • There still appears to be a dispute over the question of whether vegetation offsets has been finalised. On Monday 28 2010 June a resolution was put to Frankston Council and carried unanimously that "That Council seeks the assurance of the Linking Melbourne Authority and the Department of Environment and Sustainability that Vegetation Offsets required of the Peninsula Link project and the location and detail of such offsets will be determined prior to further clearing occurring. That such offsets for Frankston native vegetation will be taken up within the municipality in consultation with Council to ensure that there will be a net gain of native vegetation within the municipality.” The Frankston Council is again considering the matter at a Council meeting tomorrow night.
  • The owners were given less than 24 hours notice of the start of land clearing/construction and have not been given a time table for works .
If anyone in the area can help attend the picket the details are:
Time: 7 am start but it may well continue during the morning.
Date: Monday 5 July 2010
Place: Robinson's Road Frankston South. See Melways Map Page 103 C 11. The site of the picket is next to Bayside Christian College and near the intersection of Mc Clelland Drive and Robinson's Road. As the road might be blocked it is suggested that you approach via Robinsons Road and drive into the Westerfield property to park. The driveway is opposite Robinsons Park and is just past a white water tower. It will be signposted. Then you will have to walk down to the end of the road. Note that the proposed route of the freeway is marked on the Melways map.
Contacts for the picket site: S Walsh Mobile: 0405 380 312
Also Gillian Collins Pines Protectors 0414 309 960 and
Jim Kerin Defenders of the South East Green Wedge Mobile 0409 501 764
Julianne Bell
Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc.
PO Box 197
Parkville 3052
Mobile: 0408022408

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