Growth Area expansion madness

Local Greens Party candidate slams NEW suburban Growth Area intrusion into what should be Melbourne’s Food Bowl. The threatened land

Neil Rankine, the endorsed Greens Party candidate for Bass, sees the expansion of suburbia into prime, high yield, cropping country, as offensive to local farmers and the community’s ideals for livable suburbs
“The State Government is proposing an expansion of the Growth Area Boundary into an area bounded by Thomson Rd, Cardinia Creek, Ballarto Rd, Manks Rd and the South Gippsland Highway (see map attached). Approximately 40 square kilometers (4000 Hectare) of land is involved in this new expansion to the South East of Melbourne.
This represents the longest new tongue of growth from Melbourne into an area that has no existing infrastructure and as such goes against the Government’s Melbourne 2030 policy. That policy involved maintaining Green Wedges to both protect agricultural and environmental land values and at the same time expand urban growth only in appropriate areas”, said Mr. Rankine.
Mr. Rankine spent part of his youth living in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne where he observed the market gardens around Moorabbin being swallowed up by suburban housing. He now lives in the Bass electorate and is concerned that suburbia is again encroaching on what should really be preserved as Melbourne’s Food Bowl.
“Farmers cannot run their businesses when rates are going through the roof due to land re-zoning and when residents of new properties nearby start objecting to noise, smell or other everyday operation of their businesses. Farmers once had certainty around what was going to happen on the land surrounding their enterprise, now they can’t be so sure.
Every ratepayer is paying the price for growth in our Shire Councils, through the need to build the new transport, water, power and social requirements for new settlements. Obviously we all make use of these facilities, but to expand into an area far from any existing services is difficult to justify. From a livability and environmental perspective it doesn’t make much sense either. If people are forced to travel large distances by car just to go shopping or take the kids to school, that’s a hidden cost again. It’s difficult for communities that are poorly connected and poorly serviced to prosper.
Pushing people further and further to fringe communities where they all have to rely heavily on cars will do nothing to remedy climate change. Pushing farmers further and further out also increases the food miles and trucking congestion on our roads. So much for Melbourne’s 2030’s plan, preventing inappropriate development from eating into the green wedges, land of prime economic and social value.
The Greens Party has consistently objected to this madness. Remaining true to their word, Greens MPs voted against associated taxes and the new growth area boundary extensions.
Despite assurance after assurance from the Liberal/National Coalition, their MPs have back flipped and now support the taxation measures being imposed by Government.
The VC67 planning amendment to allow this inappropriate expansion to happen may go to the Upper House any time from Tuesday 22nd June. The Greens hope they can find support from other upper house MPs and will remain strong in opposing the poor outcomes that this amendment will see. You can help by contacting your local member, who will no doubt be listening, to suggest their Party should reject the amendment, or send it back to committee for review”, said Mr. Rankine.
“The threatened land” (image attached) - Other photo opportunities on request;
Neil Rankine
Endorsed Greens Party candidate for Bass, Victorian Lower House
(03) 56721185
0413 902571.


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