Greens true to their word on growth areas tax

Last night in Parliament the controversial Growth Area Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) became law.  Remaining true to their word, Greens MPs voted against the flat tax and the urban growth boundary extension*

"We have stated from the beginning that we wouldn't support the infrastructure contribution being levied against landholders, nor do we support the current proposal for the extension of the urban growth boundaries" said Colleen Hartland last night

"Despite months of assurances that they would oppose the GAIC, the Liberal/National party MPs backflipped to join with Labor, charging landholders in the extended urban growth boundary (UGB) area a flat $95,000 per hectare charge on the sale of their land."

"The only hope to prevent current landholders being charged the GAIC now rests with the planning scheme amendment that would allow an extension of Melbourne's urban growth boundaries; VC67,  The Greens remain strong in opposition to the UGB extension and hope to gain support from other MPs in Victoria's upper house to ensure Melbourne's metropolitan boundary stays where it is currently drawn."

* For the full text of speeches by Colleen Hartland, Greg Barber and Sue Pennicuik, go to their website:

For comment: Colleen Hartland - 9689 6373



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