Commuters left waiting while Government misses the bus

 Co-ordination of buses so that they connect with trains is a simple and low cost initiative that represents a missed opportunity in last weeks State Budget that would have greatly improved the quality of local public transport services.

“And there is ample room for improvement” said Jo Tenner Greens Candidate for Monbulk, as detailed In a study released this week by The Public Transport Users Association  analysing bus-train connections.

“The Monbulk Electorate came up pretty poorly in this study. For example if we look at the results for the train connections to the Belgrave – Lilydale bus route (663) we see that on average only a third of the trains connect with this bus and of those half exceed what is defined as a good waiting period of 10 minutes. And other routes had worse results.”

“Crowded car parks at train stations is a concern that has been raised with me by many people in the Monbulk Electorate, some would like to the option of catching the bus but feel that it is unreliable or that they are kept waiting too long.”

“Of course, the overall lack of bus services is a significant factor, say on a Sunday when there is no bus – you can’t even begin to talk about timely connections,  and with the underwhelming results of the local bus services review announced a little while ago coupled with no new funding announced in the State Budget for new bus services, its going to be a long wait for the bus.”


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