Victorian desalination plant may send the state broke!

A forum held at Wonthaggi on Saturday 22nd May heard some shocking revelations about Victoria's desalination plant.

Secrecy surrounding the contracts between the government and the desalination consortium led Kenneth Davidson, a senior journalist at the Age, to question the Victorian Auditor General. Mr Davidson found evidence of further secret contracts and indications of the real cost of the plant. “$900 million a year will eventually come from the pockets of Victorians, to pay for the desalination plant and its water”.

He considers this amount to be unaffordable and could send the state broke within five to ten years.

Already hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent by Bass Coast Council on work required in the municipality, as a result of the desalination project. This is money that will not be refunded, according to councillors present at the meeting.

“30,000 tonnes of prescribed toxic waste from the desalination plant will need to be disposed of each year” said representatives of RATWISE - Residents Against Toxic Waste In the South East who expect that this will be sent to Victoria’s only toxic waste dump at Lyndhurst. This facility is fast filling up, with no current plans for an alternative site. The question left hanging was whether Bass Coast could be chosen as a future toxic waste disposal site.

Samantha Dunn, Greens Upper House candidate for Eastern Victoria said, “Melburnians have shown their willingness to change their habits and use less water but the Brumby government is ignoring the community’s conservation of water. With the desalination plant churning out 150 gigalitres (150 billion litres) of water a year, the government has signalled that there will no longer be a need for water conservation, leaving Melburnians with the most energy intensive, environmentally unfriendly and expensive water conceivable”.

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