Greens Ballarat West candidate for a sustainable, liveable, and socially just city

The Greens have announced Ballarat resident and IT professional Leon Dwyer for the state seat of Ballarat West.Leon Dwyer

"Liberal and Labor are obsessed with watching the polls. The Greens stand out because we're driven by common sense policy, not the polls.”

“The community wants positive change and action on transport, energy, a green economy, human rights and social justice. This is what gets me excited about running as the Greens candidate for Ballarat West."

"Ballarat is growing fast and this has raised concerns for many residents who want a sustainable, safe and vibrant city.”

“Growth presents great challenges, but also offers opportunities which are so far being ignored. Large unsustainable developments on the fringes of Ballarat threaten our environment and social inclusion."

Leon's focus for Ballarat West will be on:

* ensuring that water provision, energy efficiency, public transport, services and infrastructure are planned, funded and implemented. * making Ballarat a safe, socially just and vibrant city. * developing green business opportunities, to make Ballarat a leader in sustainable economic development.

Leon pointed to the fact that there is just one kindergarten west of the arch of victory and 22 on the east side as well as pressures on sewage, water and energy as evidence we are unprepared for rapid growth.

“Infrastructure such as kindergartens, schools, community health and transport must be planned and in place before residents move in.”

“Large developments can and should supply the bulk of their own water and renewable energy, reducing pressures on supply and lowering household bills.”

Leon works closely with small and medium size businesses in Ballarat.

“I've noticed the frustration residents and local businesses feel with the favourable treatment that big business and developers seem to receive from the government.”

“I look forward to working with small businesses to create new opportunities in the green economy.”

Contact: Leon Dwyer via Jon Stanger on 0415 755 181



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