Tulla Toxic Dump cancer study a cause for concern

Greens MLC Colleen Hartland has called for immediate, strong government action following the release of a community-funded study reporting a fourfold increase in cancer rates clustered around the Tullamarine Toxic Dump.

"The Terminate Tullamarine Dump Action Group (TTDAG) has long held fears about health impacts in the area.

"In the TTDAG study released today, the health impacts are reported as being clustered around the dump site, whereas the Department of Human Services study a few years ago was designed to dillute any health impacts in the area close to the Dump by studying a very broad area."

"The TTDAG study was undertaken by a community group, so it is naturally limited in scope, but I hope the government will not use this as an excuse to dismiss the findings."

"The government should instigate a comprehensive independent health survey of people living close to the Tulla Toxic Dump", said Colleen Hartland.

For comment: Colleen Hartland - 9689 6373


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